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WMS is organized into eight modules. Each module is associated with a particular object type. Only one module is active at any given time. When switching modules, the menus and tools unique to the active module are displayed.

Module toolbar in WMS.png

  • WMS TerrainIcon.svg Terrain Data. Used for basin delineation with Triangulated Irregular Networks (TINs).
  • Drainage Module Icon.svg Drainage. Used for basin delineation with gridded Digital Elevation Models (DEMs).
  • Map Module Icon.svg Map. Used to create data layers from GIS objects (drainage, soil, land use etc.)
  • Hydrologic Module Icon.svg Hydrologic Modeling. Contains interfaces to hydrologic models.
  • Hydraulic Module Icon.svg River. Contains tools for creating 1D hydraulic models.
  • GIS Module Icon.svg GIS. Used to open shapefile data and convert it to feature objects.
  • 2D Grid Icon.svg 2D Grid. Used for finite difference models (currently research models only).
  • 2D Scatter Icon.svg 2D Scatter Point. Contains 2D scatter point interpolation tools.

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