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Scale XS2D Features dialog

The Scale XS2D Features tool is accessed by double-clicking on "ArcGIS Tool icon.png Scale XS2D Features" under the "ArcGIS Toolset icon.png XS2D Editor" toolset under the "ArcGIS Toolset icon.png Subsurface Analyst" toolset under the "ArcGIS Toolbox icon.png Arc Hydro Groundwater Tools" toolbox. This tool scales XS2D features associated with section lines. All feature classes associated with the SectionID of the section line being processed will be scaled using the specified vertical exaggeration. This might include feature classes such as XS2D panels, scale lines, panel dividers, and other XS2D features associated with a particular section line. The tool works off of a selection set of section line features; all section lines are processed if none are selected.

The following fields are available. Required fields are marked with a ArcGIS required - green circle icon.png icon. Fields marked with a ArcGIS Error icon.png icon may either not be supported or the table doesn't exist.

  • Input SectionLine Features – Click the ArcGIS Browse button.png button to bring up the Input Section Line Layer or Feature Class dialog in order to specify the input SectionLine features.
  • Input XS2D_Catalog Table – Click the ArcGIS Browse button.png button to bring up the Input XS2D_Catalog Table dialog in order to specify the XS2D_Catalog table, which stores feature classes associated with particular SectionLine features.
  • New vertical scale factor for XS2D features – Enter the new vertical scale factor for the XS2D feature classes. XS2D features are first transformed back to 1:1 scale before this new vertical scale factor is applied.