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The Arc Hydro Groundwater Toolbar in ArcGIS is accessed by selecting Customize | Toolbars | Arc Hydro Groundwater Toolbar. As with other toolbars, it can be docked at the top of the ArcGIS window or used as a floating toolbar (see example images below). This toolbar contains a set of tools and menu commands for working with the Arc Hydro Groundwater Data Model. The toolbar appears as follows:

The Arc Hydro Groundwater Toolbar when docked.
The Arc Hydro Groundwater Toolbar when floating.

The following buttons and drop-down menus are available on the toolbar.

Definition Query Filter

The Definition Query Filter tool simplifies visualizing, analyzing, and working with data within the groundwater geodatabase by filtering a layer based on its FType attribute. For example, a set of wells imported from a state database may contain wells of multiple types (e.g., irrigation, water supply, domestic, monitoring, etc.). The well type is defined in the FType field. When visualizing and analyzing the well data, it might be useful to analyze only certain types of wells. The Definition Query Filter tool makes it easy for users to create filter-selected datasets to include only certain types of data.

A well feature class symbolized by the feature type (FType).

By choosing the appropriate option in a combo box located on the Arc Hydro Groundwater toolbar, the layer can be immediately filtered based on its FType attribute.

Well feature class filtered using the Definition Query Filter tool. The result is a well layer showing only domestic wells.


  1. ^ a b This tool was designed specifically for the Southwest Florida Water Management District, and has settings and features specific to them. We cannot guarantee this tool will be useful to anyone outside the SWFWMD.