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Create Well Feature Class dialog

The Create Well Feature Class tool is accessed by double-clicking on "ArcGIS Tool icon.png Create Well Feature Class" under the "ArcGIS Toolset icon.png Features" toolset under the "ArcGIS Toolset icon.png Groundwater Analyst" toolset under the "ArcGIS Toolbox icon.png Arc Hydro Groundwater Tools" toolbox.

The following fields are available:

  • Output Well Feature Class – Click the ArcGIS Browse button.png button to bring up the Output Well Feature Class dialog in order to enter the desired name for the output well feature class. If the field has a ArcGIS dialog warning icon.png icon next to it, click the icon to review the warning. Most often, the warning will indicate the output well feature class already exists. In this case, enter a different name for it in the Output Well Feature Class dialog.