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To work with GIS data into SMS, use the following steps:

Using the GIS module in SMS

1. Import GIS data.
  1. Use the File | Open... command to import GIS data files such as Shapefiles, MIF/MID files, Lidar files, or raster files.
  2. Alternatively, drag and drop the file into the Graphics Window in SMS.
2. Add GIS properties.
  1. Right-click on the GIS object and select the Join Table to Layer command.
  2. Use the Select Table File dialog to specify table information to add to the GIS object.
  3. Use the Join Table dialog to specify the table data should be added to the GIS object.
3. Convert GIS data.
This is for converting GIS data, such as shapefiles. For converting raster data, see the article Raster Data Workflow.
1. Convert shapefile to feature objects.
  1. Select the Mapping | Shapes → Feature Objects command.
  2. Use the GIS to Feature Objects Wizard to create feature objects on a map coverage.
2. Convert polygons to TIN.
  1. Select the Mapping | Polygon → TIN command.
  2. The TIN will appear in the scatter module.

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