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SMS provides a graphical interface that is designed to visualize the projects being created, easily modify project parameters, and view the solutions produced by the GenCade model. The GenCade interface exists in the 1D Grid module.

A GenCade simulation consists of a geometric definition of the model domain (the grid) and a set of numerical parameters. The parameters define the boundary conditions and options pertinent to the model. To set up a simulation, the modeler can work directly with the 1D grid, but it is much more convenient to work with the conceptual model using a GenCade coverage.

Work with an existing simulation by selecting the 1D Grid module. If a grid has already been created for a GenCade simulation or an existing simulation read, the grid object will exist in the Project Explorer and selecting that object will make the 1D Grid module active and set the model to GenCade.

The interface consists of the conceptual model tools in the Map Module and the grid specific options in the 1D Grid module.

Map Module – Conceptual Interface

In the map module, a GenCade coverage (or coverages) can be created that include the information defining the grid and structures in the desired simulation.

Grid Frame

The grid frame defines the orientation and extent that will be occupied by the 1D grid. After defining the shorelines and any necessary structures, the grid should be set up. Manually draw the grid frame using the Create 1D Grid Frame tool. The GenCade grid frame is purple and has an arrow at one end. If a person followed the grid from the end to the arrow, the water should always be to the left and the land should always be to the right.

For example, if the GenCade grid was oriented from north to south, the water would be to the east (left) and the land would be to the west (right). The grid can be modified by clicking the Select 1-D Grid Frame tool and double-clicking on the square in the center of the purple grid line.

Alternately, the grid options can be changed by selecting the grid frame and use the right-click Properties command. The Grid Frame Properties window will open, and the Origin X, Origin Y, Angle, and I size can be modified. The I size is the length of the grid. Angle refers to the sign convention in the conceptual model which is degrees counterclockwise from the x axis.

This is different from the GenCade model convention (degrees clockwise from north). Therefore, once the map is converted to a 1D grid, the Azimuth for the grid will be a different value. The cell size can be constant or variable.

Feature Points

In a GenCade coverage, a feature point can be assigned to be:

  • A generic place holder
  • A wave gage – the attributes of this point include a time series of wave data.
  • A refine point – this point will allow controlling the grid density in the area of the point.

Feature Arcs

The arcs in a GenCade coverage can be assigned a variety of attributes including:

  • Geometric object – shoreline and contours.
  • Structure – jetty, inlet, sea wall, or breakwater and the associated parameters.
  • Event – bypass or beach nourishment events and their time ranges and parameters.

The conceptual model is converted to a numeric model using the Map → 1D Grid command. This command can overwrite an existing simulation or simply add additional structures to an existing simulation.

1D Grid Module – Numerical interface

The tools in the grid module allow selecting individual structures graphically and change their parameters. The GenCade menu allows bringing up tables of all structures of a specific type, view their parameters, and make edits as needed.

GenCade Menu

When the GenCade model is active, the GenCade menu becomes available. See GenCade Menu for more information.

GenCade Tools

GenCade makes use of the tools in the 1D Grid module

Running the Model

The GenCade Files are written automatically with the SMS project file or can be saved separately using the File | Save GenCade or File | Save As menu commands. See GenCade Files for more information on the files used for the GenCade run.

GenCade can be launched from SMS using the GenCade | Run GenCade menu command.

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