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Add Output File dialog

The Add Output File tool is accessed by double-clicking on "ArcGIS Tool icon.png Add Output File" under the "ArcGIS Toolset icon.png Import" toolset under the "ArcGIS Toolset icon.png MODFLOW Analyst" toolset under the "ArcGIS Toolbox icon.png Arc Hydro Groundwater Tools" toolbox.

The following fields are available. Required fields are marked with a ArcGIS required - green circle icon.png icon. Fields marked with a ArcGIS Error icon.png icon may either not be supported or the table doesn't exist.

  • Input OutputFiles Table – Click the ArcGIS Browse button.png button to bring up the Input OutputFiles Table dialog in order to specify the OutputFiles table, part of the MODFLOW Data Model, and is used to store output files (head, drawdown, ccf, etc.), or paths to these files.
  • ArcGIS required - green circle icon.png MODFLOW Output File – Click the ArcGIS Browse button.png button to bring up the Open dialog in order to select the file on disk to be stored in the OutputFiles table (or whose path will be stored in the table).
  • File Type – Optional. The MODFLOW file type (HEAD, DRAWDOWN, CCF, etc.).
  • File Description – Optional. Descriptive text which may be helpful to identifying the contents of the file.
  • File Format – Optional. The file format (ASCII, binary, etc.).
  • Store File as BLOB – Optional. Turn on to store the file in the geodatabase as a binary large object (BLOB). If you are concerned about the size of the geodatabase, you may not wish to do this and instead store just the path to the file on disk.
  • Store File as BLOB – Optional. If storing the file as a BLOB, you can turn this on to compress the file, thereby minimizing the space it will take up in the geodatabase.