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The more significant new features in Arc Hydro Groundwater 1.1.0 are listed below.

New MODFLOW Analyst Geoprocessing tools

The following tools have been added to the MODFLOW Analyst Tools:
  • MODFLOW Export Tools
    • Export OBS File
    • Export HOB
    • Export Package CHOB
    • Export Package DROB
    • Export Package GBOB
    • Export Package RVOB
    • Export SEN File
  • MODFLOW Import Tools
    • Import Simulated Equivalents
  • MODFLOW Run Tools
    • Run MODFLOW
  • MODFLOW Tables Tools
    • Points to MODFLOW
    • Lines to MODFLOW
    • Polygons to MODFLOW
    • Calculate Linearly Interpolated Values
  • MODFLOW Well Permitting Tools
    • Copy Output to Starting Heads
    • Copy Simulated to Observed
    • Create MODFLOW Well Records
    • Create Well Feature

Updated MODFLOW Analyst Geoprocessing tools

The following tools have been updated to work with the Parameters tables in the MODFLOW Data Model:
  • Export Package CHD
  • Export Package DRN
  • Export Package EVT
  • Export Package GHB
  • Export Package LPF
  • Export Package RCH
  • Export Package RIV
  • Export Package WEL
The following tools have been improved for performance:
  • Create MODFLOW Features
  • Make MODFLOW Feature Layer


The MODFLOW executable now also supports double precision solutions. A utility (mf96to2k.exe) was added to the install to convert MODFLOW 96 solutions to MODFLOW 2000.

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