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Arc Hydro Groundwater 2.2.1 is an update of version 2.2.0.

Geoprocessing Tool Updates

The following tools were updated so that any missing fields were added to input feature layers that worked on selection sets. Previously, an error occurred saying the table was locked when the feature layer was missing a field defined in the data model and the tool tried to add the field. All other tools did not have this problem.

  • Transform GeoSection to XS2D Panel
  • Create Non-Vertical Borelines
  • Transform XS2D Panel to GeoSection
  • Desurvey Borelog
  • GeoSection To Points
  • Rasters to GeoSections
  • NonVertical Boreline To XS2D
  • Transform XS2D Well Detail Line
  • Transform XS2D Well Detail Polygon

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