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The more significant new features in Arc Hydro Groundwater 3.0.0 are listed below.

Groundwater Analyst

New Tools for Managing Unique ID's

Two new tools have been added for managing unique ID values in Arc Hydro Groundwater geodatabases.

The first tool is Assign HydroID GW. This tool is separate from the Arc Hydro (surface water) Assign HydroID tool, but functions in a similar way, although with simpler features. The tool works off of a UniqueID table, which is created by running the Create Unique ID Table tool.

Make Time Series Statistics

The tool was changed to allow the use of string ID fields. A problem was also fixed when running the tool in the background (ArcGIS 10).

Subsurface Analyst

BoreholeLog to Points

This is a new tool that allows you to create new points from the BoreholeLog table. The BoreholeLog table can be filtered when run, such as specifying a particular HGUID. A HorizonID can also be used when creating new points, so that the new point features can be used to interpolate to a new raster for generating GeoSection or GeoVolume features.

XS2D Cross Section Wizard

A problem was fixed where the path to the Major Grid and Minor Grid feature classes were not being updated properly when the wizard was used more than once. The default colors used in the Symbology of the output features was also changed to avoid colors hard to see.

Create Borelines

A problem was fixed when using field types that do not match the Arc Hydro Groundwater Data Model.

Borehole Editor

You can now choose an additional field to display in the editor, along with the HGUID. The Editor also gives you the option to choose your key fields if they differ from the Arc Hydro Groundwater Data Model. Fixed a problem with invalid layers and tables appearing in the dialog.

Polygon to TIN

The spatial reference now defaults to the same spatial reference as the Boundary polygon feature.


Add to Raster Series

A problem was fixed that occurred if running from Arc Map with a feature class and raster dataset that had the same name were loaded. Another problem was fixed when running the tool in Batch. The first time the tool was run in Batch, there would be problem with validating some of the field parameters.

Import Georeferenced MODFLOW Model

A problem was fixed in the reading the MODFLOW world file.

IBOUND to Polygon

Additional feedback and error handling was added to the tool.

Points to MODFLOW

The behavior of the overwrite/append optional was modified. When overwrite is used, only rows matching the same Unique ID are overwritten, while all other rows are unaffected.

Export LPF

The ParInstSP table was added as a parameter. This fixes a problem when Pilot Points are used.

Export RCH

The ParInstSP table was added as a parameter. This fixes a problem when Pilot Points are used.

Export EVT

The ParInstSP table was added as a parameter. This fixes a problem when parameters are used.

MODFLOW Executable (mf2k_ahgw.exe)

Fixed a problem where PEST files listed in the name file were not being written to the NameFile table. Also, added better checks to determine whether MODFLOW ran successfully.

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