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Starting at version 8.0 there is a free version of GMS called "Community Edition". It is limited to include only the 3D grid module and the MODFLOW model interface. It is also restricted in the size of the grid and the number of MODFLOW stress periods. Any size model can be imported, but if the grid exceeds 5000 cells or the number of stress periods is more than 3 the project cannot be saved and a watermark is displayed in the graphics window. The community edition must still be registered using a license code which can be obtained via the internet from the Registration Wizard (Help | Register | Change Registration | Get Community Edition License).

Check to see if running in Community Edition mode by going to the Registration dialog. The size limits are displayed in the About dialog which is accessed through the About command in the Help menu.

GMS registration dialog showing that GMS is running in Community Edition mode.
GMS Community Edition warning dialog.
GMS showing watermark in Community Edition when size limits are exceeded.

The Community Edition capabilities are as follows:

Included Feature Limitations
3D Grid Module Limited to one grid that cannot be saved if it exceeds 5000 cells.
MODFLOW Interface Limited to one simulation and cannot be saved it there are more than three stress periods.
3D Viewing
Import Images
Simulation Setup Limited to one simulation.
Mesh Generation Tools Limited to one mesh. Excludes mesh quality checks and scalar paving.

Technical support is not provided for the Community Edition.