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GIS Module
Enabling ArcObjects
Converting GIS Data to Other Data Types
GIS to Feature Objects
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GIS Commands

The GIS module allows manipulating ESRI type GIS data, such as shapefiles. If there is a license of ArcView 8.x or higher on the computer where GMS is installed, there are additional features available in the GIS module. It's not necessary to have an ArcView 8.x license installed to access the basic features.

The following table shows what features are available with and without a license of ArcView 8.x.

Feature With ArcView Without ArcView
Efficient management of large datasets X X
Graphical selection of features X X
Conversion of selected GIS objects to GMS feature objects X X
Viewing attribute tables X X
Joining additional attribute tables based on a key field X X
Display like ArcView X X
Display in a simplified, single color X X
Support for shapefiles X X
Support for coverages, geodatabases, images, CAD, grids X
Selection queries X
Symbology X

The GIS module is included with all paid editions of GMS. GIS data can be imported using the Community Edition, but the GIS tools are disabled.