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Model type 3D Transport Model
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MT3D-USGS Manual Input Instructions

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MT3D-USGS is a version of MT3DMS released in October 2016 that includes the functionality of MT3DMS plus additional features and packages. MT3D-USGS includes transport modeling capabilities to make use of flow terms calculated by MODFLOW packages previously unsupported by MT3DMS. The model also provides greater flexibility in the simulation of solute transport and reactive solute transport.

A complete description of MT3D-USGS is beyond the scope of this wiki. It is assumed that the reader has a basic knowledge of MT3D-USGS and is familiar with the documentation. Only the details of the GMS graphical interface to MT3D-USGS are described herein.

In GMS, MT3D-USGS uses the same graphical interface available for MT3DMS. Specify a model is to use MT3D-USGS in the Basic Transport Package dialog. This will activate the MT3D-USGS menu which is identical to the MT3DMS menu.

MT3D-USGS has multiple packages that are new including: CTS, HSS, LKT, SFT, and UZT. Documentation for these packages will be added as they are supported in GMS. These additional packages are not currently supported by GMS.

NOTE: MODFLOW models that include the UZF package must include the UZT package in the associated transport model for MT3D-USGS to run.