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FEMWATER Screenshot
Model Info
Model type 3D mesh, finite-element, Steady state and transient
Developer George Yeh
Documentation FEMWATER Manual
Tutorials FEMWATER Tutorials

GMS includes a graphical interface to the FEMWATER (Finite Element Model of Water Flow Through Saturated-Unsaturated Media) model. FEMWATER is a 3D finite element, saturated/unsaturated, density driven, flow and transport model. FEMWATER was originally written by G.T. (George) Yeh at Penn State University (Yeh, et. al., 1992). The version of FEMWATER that is supported by GMS has been modified by G.T. Yeh and Dr. Hsin-Chi (Jerry) Lin of the U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station (WES). This version is a coupled version of the original FEMWATER model (which solved for flow only) with the transport model LEWASTE (also developed by George Yeh).

A separate reference manual is available which describes the new version of FEMWATER in detail (Lin, et. al., 1997). This manual contains a description of the input requirements and should be read completely before using GMS to set up a problem.

GMS provides a custom interface to the FEMWATER model offering a simple way to set model parameters and a graphical user interface to run the model then visualize the results. FEMWATER allows modeling of salinity intrusion and other density-dependent contaminants. Complex stratigraphy can be developed in GMS and directly represented in the model. Solutions can be displayed using realistic 3D plots and animation sequences.

The FEMWATER model can be added to a paid edition of GMS.

FEMWATER Output Files

Here are tables of some of the available output files for FEMWATER.

  • For more information on these files see the manual.
Output Files
Name Description
3BC Boundary Conditions
3DM 3D Mesh Information
CON Convergence Data
FLX Nodal Boundary Flux
INF Temporary Setup Information
MCN Moisture Content
OUT Model Output
PHD Initial Point Heads
TMP Temporary Data
VEL Velocity Data



External Links

  • FEMWATER Manual
  • Donnell, Barbara P. DDJC-Sharpe Defense Distribution Depot: FEMWATER 3D Transport Model of TCE Plume Migration with Natural Attenuation. No. ERDC/CHL-CHETN-XI-1. Engineer Research and Development Center Vicksburg MS Coastal and Hydraulics Lab, 2004. [1]