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SEAM3D Screenshot
Model Info
Model type reactive transport
Developer Mark Widdowson at Virginia Tech University
Documentation SEAM3D Manual
Tutorials SEAM3D Tutorials

SEAM3D (Sequential Electron Acceptor Model, 3D) is a reactive transport model used to simulate complex biodegradation problems involving multiple substrates and multiple electron acceptors. It is based on the MT3DMS code. In addition to the regular MT3DMS modules, SEAM3D includes a Biodegradation package and NAPL Dissolution package. SEAM3D was developed by Mark Widdowson at Virginia Tech University.

Since SEAM3D is a modified version of MT3DMS, most of the input to SEAM3D is identical to the input required for MT3DMS. Thus, the SEAM3D interface is contained within the MT3DMS menu in the 3D Grid module. In the Basic Transport Package dialog, an option is provided for selecting the current model as either MT3DMS, RT3D, or SEAM3D. A number of options in the interface then change based on which model is selected.

SEAM3D requires using the Chemical Reaction package and the Biodegradation package. It also allows using the NAPL Dissolution package, the Cometabolism package, and the Reductive Dechlorination package.

The SEAM3D model can be added to a paid edition of GMS.