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The Run MODFLOW dialog appears after selecting the MODFLOW | Advanced | Run MODFLOW Dialog menu command. It will also appear when attempting to run MODFLOW if the Use custom Run dialog option is turned on in the MODFLOW Global/Basic Package dialog.

Example of the Run MODFLOW dialog.

To use this dialog:

  1. In the Name file area, browse Open Macro.svg to and select any MODFLOW name file to use as input.
  2. Next, in the MODFLOW version section, pick the version of MODFLOW to run; or select a custom version of MODFLOW to run by browsing Open Macro.svg to a custom MOFLOW executable.
  3. Finally, specify any additional Command line arguments in the field provided.

The text box at the bottom of the dialog will show the full Command line that will be executed upon selecting the OK button.

The options selected in this dialog will override any run selections made in the MODFLOW Global/Basic Package dialog. Defaults that have been set in the MODFLOW Global/Basic Package dialog will automatically be selected for the custom run and must be turned off if not desired.

Available MODFLOW versions include:

  • 2000
  • 2005
  • NWT
  • LGR
  • USG
  • USG Transport
  • Custom – Does not allow selecting binary type.

The type of binary executable can also be specified. Options include: double precision, parallel, or 64 bit.

Note: only SAMG solver will parallelize. The parellel PEST solver will not use this parallel process.