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A Display Theme is a collection of display options. Display themes are a way to create and save display options for later use. The look of the data can be quickly changed using display themes.

Create a display theme by right-clicking in the blank space of the Project Explorer and selecting the New | Display Theme menu command. This will bring up the Display Theme Properties dialog. In this dialog, name the display theme, select which display options to include in the display theme, and enter the names of items that will automatically use the display theme. When closing the dialog, a new display theme Display Theme Icon.svg data object will appear in the Project Explorer. This data object stores all of the display options as set when the object was created.

Display Theme Right-Click Menu

Display theme Display Theme Folder.svg objects in the Project Explorer have the standard right-click menu options. Display theme objects also have the following two options:

Update With Current Display
Changes the display theme to match the current display options.
Brings up the Display Theme Properties dialog.

Display Theme Properties

The Display Theme Properties dialog defines which display options to show with the saved display theme.

The Display Theme Properties dialog
  • Load this theme when objects with the following names are selected in the Project Explorer – Used to automatically load display themes for object selected in the Project Explorer from the list below this option. The names of objects must be listed with the exact name as used in the Project Explorer.

For more information on display themes see the Display Themes tutorial on the GMS Tutorials page.

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