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GMS can export files that can be used in other software. There are two methods to export data from GMS. Data can be exported through the Save As dialog or by right-clicking on items in the Project Explorer.

Exporting through the Save Dialog

The file types that can be exported are shown in the table below. To export a particular file type, the file filter corresponding to that file type should be selected in the Save dialog.

File Type File Ext Description
Image files
*.bmp, *.jpg, *.png, *.tif
Saves the graphics window as an image of the specified type.
Google Earth KMZ
Exports raster or vector kmz files for rendering in Google Earth.

Exporting from the Project Explorer

Items in the Project Explorer can be exported to different formats by right-clicking on an item and selecting the Export command. The table below lists the file formats that will be shown depending on the type of Project Explorer object selected:

Project Explorer Object File Ext Description
*.tin, *.shp
Text GMS TIN File, Polygon Shapefile, Point Shapefile
*.txt, *.bor
Text Tab Delimited Borehole File, Text GMS Borehole File
*.sol, *.vtu, *.vtk
Text GMS Solid File, VTK Binary or ASCII XML File, VTK ASCII Legacy File
2D Mesh Data
*.2dm, *.fem, *.shp
Text GMS 2D Mesh File, FEFLOW ASCII FEM File, Polygon Shapefile, Point Shapefile
2D Grid Data
*.2dg, *.asc
Text GMS 2D Grid File, ARC/INFO Ascii Grid Files
2D Scatter Sets
*.xy, *.txt, *.shp
Text GMS 2D Scatter Point File, Text Tab Delimited 2D Scatter Point File, Shapefile
3D Mesh Data
*.3dm, *.fem
Text GMS 3D Mesh File, FEFLOW ASCII FEM File
3D Grid Data
*.3dg, *.shp, *.case
Text GMS 3D Grid File, Shapefile, Ensight Gold File
3D Scatter Sets
*.xyz, *.txt, *.shp
Text GMS 3D Scatter Point File, Text Tab Delimited 3D Scatter Point File, Shapefile
*.map, *.shp, *.mif
GMS Map File, Shapefile, MapInfo Interchange File
*.dat, *.dat, *.h5
Binary Dataset Files, ASCII Dataset Files, HDF5 Dataset File
Particle Sets
Text Tab Delimited Pathlines
See Exporting UGrids

Multiple Objects

If multiple objects are selected and they are all of the same type, they will all be exported to the same text file.


If a folder of objects is selected, then all of the geometric objects in the folder will be exported. Datasets will not be exported. If there are subfolders in the folder, all of the geometric objects will be recursively exported in all subfolders.