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GMS can support GeoStudio (*.gsz) files created using the GeoStudio software. Typically the file may contain data for a 2D mesh and materials. The file can be imported to work with the SEEP2D or UTEXAS models.

Importing a GeoStudio file

The GeoStudio file can be imported into GMS by doing the following:

  1. Open the file. A GeoStudio (*.gsz) file may be opened from either the File | Open menu command or by drag-dropping the file into the GMS window.
  2. Select the import method. A dialog similar to the figure below will appear asking which SEEP or stability analyses to import. Only one of each method can be selected at once.
  3. Finish the import process. Click OK when selections have been decided and GMS will display the imported information.

Upon successfully importing the file, a 2D mesh will appear in GMS.

Import GeoStudio File dialog