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Renumber UGrid for HydroGeoSphere

The Renumber UGrid tool renumbers a 3D UGrid to meet HydroGeoSphere requirements.

Figure 1. HydroGeoSphere node sheet numbering example
Figure 2. HydroGeoSphere local node numbering (HGS Reference Manual figure 2.1, page 18)

The 3D UGrid consists of a set of vertically offset node sheets, each of which is identical in 2D. Between consecutive node sheets is a layer of elements.

  • The ordering of elements within each layer is identical, as is the ordering of nodes within each node sheet.
  • Nodes are ordered from the bottom sheet (bottom of the domain) to the top sheet (top of the domain).
  • Similarly, elements are ordered from the bottom layer (bottom of domain) to the top layer (top of domain).
  • Any ordering of elements and nodes within a 2D layer or sheet is fine, so long as it is consistent among all layers and sheets.
  • Local node numbering per cell must follow the convention illustrated in Figure 2.

Input Parameters

  • Input UGrid – The UGrid to be renumbered.

Output Parameters

  • Output UGrid – The name of the UGrid that will be created.

Current Location in Toolbox

HydroGeoSphere | Renumber UGrid