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GMS supports large MODFLOW models better than any existing MODFLOW pre/post processor. This page shows examples of large MODFLOW models created by GMS users. GMS is able to process large MODFLOW models because GMS uses HDF5 to store the largest parts of the MODFLOW inputs (arrays and list package data).

State of Colorado Model

This model was created for the State of Colorado. The grid is 1 X 655 X 848 with 132 stress periods. The figure below shows the size of the original MODFLOW text files. When GMS imports this model, GMS converts the MODFLOW inputs to use HDF5. This creates much smaller inputs without any loss of information (see the second figure). The original inputs are about 16.8 GB and the converted files are 251 MB.

South Carolina

This is a model of an area in South Carolina, USA. The grid is 3 X 617 X 884 with 36 stress periods.