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A MODFLOW world file is a plain text file containing the geographic location of a MODFLOW model. The world file contains three lines including the origin, rotation about the z axis, and the path of a projection file. The world file is found in the same directory as the name file. The MODFLOW world and projection files are automatically written by GMS when the project has a global projection.


ORIG x y z
ROTZ theta
PRJ_FILE "file_path"

The ORIG line contains the space separated x, y, and z coordinates of the outside corner of the model cell at the first column and last row.

The ROTZ line contains the counter-clockwise (looking down) rotation of the model about the origin coordinate in degrees.

The PRJ_FILE line contains the absolute or relative path to the model's projection file which ends in with a *.prj extension. The file path is surrounded by double quotes.


ORIG 612086.0 3429376.55 230.0
ROTZ 90.0
PRJ_FILE "modfmap.prj"