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The properties of all SEEP2D data that GMS displays on the screen can be controlled through the SEEP2D tab of the Display Options dialog. This dialog is opened by right-clicking on the "2D Mesh Folder.svg 2D Mesh Data" entry in the Project Explorer, selecting the Display Options command, and then selecting the SEEP2D tab. This tab is only visible when there is a SEEP2D simulation unless the Show options for existing data only option is turned off. It can also be accessed from the from the Display menu, the SEEP2D menu, or the Display Options Display Options Macro.svg macro. The following table describes the display options available for the SEEP model.

Display Option Description
Head BC The Head BC, Exit face BC, Flux rate BC, and Flux BC items can be used to turn on the display of a symbol for each of the boundary condition types. The color and type of symbol can be edited by clicking on the button to the left of each item.
Exit face BC
Flow rate BC
Flux BC
BC values If the BC values option is selected, the numerical value of each boundary condition (head, flux rate, etc.) is displayed next to the boundary condition. The font used to display the values can be edited by clicking on the button to the left of the item.
Flow lines If the Compute flow lines option is selected in the SEEP2D Analysis Options dialog prior to saving and running the model, SEEP2D performs the computations in two steps. In the first step, SEEP2D solves for the heads. In the second step, the head solution is used to "reverse" the boundary conditions and a second solution is found. This solution represents "flow potential" values. When the solution is read back into GMS, these flow values can be contoured to generate a plot of flow lines. When superimposed on contours of total head (equipotential lines) a complete flow net can be displayed. (see Note)
Title If the Title option is selected, the problem title specified in the Analysis Options dialog will be displayed at the top of the Graphics Window.
Total flow rate If the Total flow rate option is selected and a solution is in memory, the total flow rate through the model will be displayed at the top of the Graphics Window, just below the title.
Phreatic surface If the Phreatic Surface option is selected and a solution is in memory, the phreatic surface will be displayed on the mesh. The color and type of line can be edited by clicking on the button to the left of the item.
Check All Turns on all the SEEP2D display options.
Check None Turns off all the SEEP2D display options.

Note: When contouring the flow values, GMS must determine a contour interval that will result in the proper number of flow channels. The number of flow channels is computed by solving for numflow in the following equation:


The kequiv value is solved for using the k values for the base material specified using the combo box just below the Flow Lines option. The equivalent k is computed as follows:


For problems with several material zones where each material is isotropic, the flow net cells in the base material will appear to be square, while the cells in the other material zones will be stretched. The amount of stretching is a function of the relative difference in k values between the material and the base material.