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Model Info
Model type Transport Of Unsaturated Groundwater and Heat
Developer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Documentation TOUGH Documentation

Some individuals have worked to allow GMS to be used as a pre- and post-processor for TOUGH (Transport Of Unsaturated Groundwater and Heat), a numerical model maintained by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. It is used for geothermal reservoir engineering with applications for nuclear waste disposal, environmental remediation problems, energy production from geothermal, oil and gas reservoirs as well as gas hydrate deposits, geological carbon sequestration, vadose zone hydrology, and other uses that involve coupled thermal, hydrological, geochemical, and mechanical processes in permeable media.

GMS does not have an interface for TOUGH but it can export UGrids, including 3D Voronoi UGrids, as TOUGH2 mesh files. There are also some resources below on how to implement TOUGH with GMS.