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Time Settings dialog

The Time Settings dialog is used to control how dates and times are displayed in GMS. The dialog is reached through the Edit | Time... menu command. Time data can be encountered in various places in GMS such as:

  • Transient datasets
  • MODFLOW stress period input
  • XY Series input

The Time Settings dialog can be used to format dates and times using the computer's regional settings, or using a number of other formats. The Specify precision command allows for specifying the number of decimal places to include in the selected relative time format. The accepted values range from "1" to "10". This option is only available when using certain time formats.

Date/Time vs. Relative

Time data that has an associated reference time—a real calendar date and time—can be displayed as dates/times. Time data that lacks a reference time can only display as relative times which are simple scalar values (0.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc).

Time Formats

The table below shows all available options for time formats in the Time Settings dialog.

Absolute Date Format Example Additional Options
mm/dd/yy 05/25/00
dd/mm/yy 25/05/00
mm/dd/yyyy 05/25/2000
dd/mm/yyyy 25/05/2000
dd-mmm-yy 25-May-00
dd-mmm-yyyy 25-May-2000
mmm dd, yyyy May 25, 2000
Absolute Time Format Example Additional Options
hh:mm am/pm 3:22 PM
HH:mm 15:22
hh:mm:ss am/pm 3:22:30 PM
HH:mm:ss 15:22:30
Relative Time Format Example Additional Options
days hh:mm:ss 10 20:30:40
hours:mm:ss 260:30:40
days hh:mm 10 20:30
hours:mm 260:30
days (decimal) 10.854296 Specify Precision
hours (decimal) 260.51111 Specify Precision
minutes (decimal) 15630.66667 Specify Precision
seconds 937840.0 Specify Precision
years (decimal) 0.02972 Specify Precision