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The following is a list of the more significant changes that will be introduced in GMS 10.0.

  2. Unstructured Grid module
    1. Horizons -> UGrid
    2. Map -> UGrid
  3. Improved MODFLOW native text output
  4. Improved Model Checker results with color
  5. Selection Echo window
  6. Overhauled and improved Plot Axes
  7. New tutorials
    1. MODFLOW-USG: Complex Stratigraphy
    2. MODFLOW-USG: Converting From MODFLOW 2005
    3. MODFLOW-USG: Quadtree
    4. MODFLOW-USG: Regional to Local
    5. UGrid Creation
    6. MODFLOW-LGR: Regional to Local
    7. MODFLOW-Save Native Text
  8. Miscellaneous
    1. TINs can now be used for SFR2 elevations in a coverage
    2. Units in areal packages dialog
    3. Improved export of 3D grid shapefiles
    4. Export faces to CAD files
    5. Added rasters as an alternative to TINs for getting elevations of drains and other BCs in the map module.
    6. Added button to the MODFLOW Source Sink packages (DRN, WEL, GHB...) to bring up a spreadsheet to edit Use previous for all stress periods.
    7. Added button to the MODFLOW Areal Source Sink packages (RCH, EVT, ETS) to bring up a spreadsheet to edit Use previous and multiplier of active array for all stress periods.
    8. Added button to the MODFLOW Array Editor dialog (HK, SS, SY...) to bring up a spreadsheet to edit multiplier for all layers in the grid.
    9. HFB default line thickness now 3 and color is orange
    10. moles/liter units added (for PHT3D)
    11. Solids root item in Project Explorer includes Projection menu
    12. Select By Dataset Value command
    13. "Check All" added in Project Explorer
    14. Display projection text moved from bottom right of Graphics Window to bottom right in status bar of main window.
    15. Module toolbar default location changed to top of GMS window.
    16. Some icons changed to be consistent with SMS, WMS.
    17. Pin/unpin Project Explorer
  9. More shortcut keys added
    1. F2 edits labels in the Project Explorer
    2. Ctrl+U unselects all
    3. Ctrl+O opens a file
    4. Ctrl+H hides the selected objects
    5. Ctrl+W shows the hidden objects