HY8:Culvert Invert Data

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The culvert invert data option is used to enter known coordinates of culvert inverts. This option is generally used to analyze known, existing culverts. Coordinates are defined by the following input as seen in the figure below:

  • Inlet Station – Station of culvert inlet invert
  • Inlet Elevation – Elevation at culvert inlet invert
  • Outlet Station – Station of culvert outlet invert, must be greater than the inlet station
  • Outlet Elevation – Elevation at culvert outlet invert
  • Number of Barrels – The program default is 1, although this may be changed by the user.

HY8 CulvertInvertData.png

Once the user defines the culvert invert data, the program computes the culvert barrel length along the culvert barrel, rather than horizontally between the inlet and outlet stations. Horizontal and adverse slopes may be entered. Stations may be entered in ascending or descending order.

If the culvert is embedded, the invert elevations remain the invert elevations of the culvert. The Channel Invert Elevation remains the elevation of the channel at the invert. The streambed level will be above the culvert inverts and match the channel invert elevation.