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HY-8 User Manual

HY-8 Culvert Analysis Program

1. Introduction
Getting Started
Differences from DOS HY-8
Vena Contracta

2. Building a Project
Building a Project
Locate Project
Culvert Crossing Data
Run Analysis
Report Generation

3. Crossing Data
3.1. General Data
Discharge Data
3.2. Roadway Data
Roadway Data
Roadway Profile
3.3. Tailwater Data
Tailwater Data
Channel Shape
Rating Curve
Constant Tailwater Elevation
3.3.1. Irregular Channel
Irregular Channel
Irregular Channel Error

4. Culvert Data
4.1. Culvert Data
Culvert Data
Plastic Pipe Materials
Concrete Open Bottom Arch
South Dakota Concrete Box
Culvert Type
Broken Back Culverts
Inlet Configurations
Inlet Depression
Embedment Depth
4.2. Site Data
Site Data Input Option
Culvert Invert Data
Embankment Toe Data

5. Analysis
5.1. General
Project Units
Roadway Overtopping
5.2. Head Water Computations
5.2.1. Inlet Control
Inlet Control Computations
Polynomial Generation
Polynomial Coefficients
5.2.2. Outlet Control
Outlet Control Computations
Exit Loss Options
Hydraulic Jump Calculations
5.3. Tables and Plots
Tables and Plots
Crossing Summary
Culvert Summary
Water Surface Profiles
Tapered Inlet
Controlling Plot Display Options

6. Energy Dissipation
Energy Dissipators
6.1. Scour Hole Geometry
Scour Hole Geometry
6.2. Internal Energy Dissipators
Increased Resistance in Culverts
Tumbling Flow
USBR Type IX Baffled Apron
6.3. External Dissipators
6.3.1. Drop Structures
Drop Structures
Box Inlet Drop Structure
Straight Drop Structure
6.3.2. Stilling Basin
Stilling Basins
USBR Type III Stilling Basin
USBR Type IV Stilling Basin
Saint Anthony Falls (SAF Stilling Basin)
6.3.3. Streambed level Structures
Streambed Level Structures
Colorado State University (CSU) Rigid Boundary Basin
Riprap Basin and Apron
Contra Costa Basin
Hook Basin
USBR Type VI Impact Basin

7. Aquatic Organism Passage
Aquatic Organism Passage
7.1. Stream Simulation
Stream Simulation
Input Reach Data
Gradation Data
Align and Size Culvert
Results Table

8. Low Flow Hydraulics
Low Flow Hydraulics Method
8.1. Low Flow Hydraulics Interface
Input Data
Gradation Data
Align and Size Culvert
Results Table

9. Troubleshooting