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If there are problems running HY-8, see if the following sections will help. If continuing to have issues or questions relating to accuracy or specific modeling issues, contact the Federal Highways Administration. As common troubleshooting problems and solutions are discovered, they will be added to this section.

Note: Aquaveo does not provide technical support for HY-8.

Registering Libraries

If HY-8 runs, but suddenly crashes or is unable to launch the analyze crossing or create report dialogs, it may be necessary to register the Gnostice eDocEngine library. This is done during installation, but in rare cases, it will fail to register, usually because of system security settings.

Gnostice eDocEngine is the software used to generate pdf, doc, and xls reports from HY-8 and Hydraulic Toolbox. If receiving a warning that the license is not activated, please re-install the software. If the problem persists, try the following steps:

  1. Go to the Windows Start menu, find the Accessories folder, and right-click on the DOS command prompt option. Select Run as Administrator.
  2. If having administrator permissions, a prompt will ask if sure you want to run the DOS prompt as an administrator. Click Yes to run the command prompt as an administrator. If unable to run as an administrator, this may be why reports cannot be generated. The FHWA software needs to be installed by an Administrator to register the necessary Active X control files and to run correctly. Contact your system administrator to obtain administrator permissions when installing the FHWA software.
  3. If able to bring up a command prompt, type the following command line at the command prompt: [regsvr32 “<program path>\eDocEngineX.ocx”]. <program path> is the path where the executable is located, such as “c:\Program Files (x86)\HY-8 7.30”. Be sure to include quotes around the path and filename so any spaces in the path will be resolved.
  4. You should receive a message such as “DLLRegisterServer in c:\Program Files (x86)\HY-8 7.30\eDocEngineX.ocx succeeded.” If message is received and you are running as an administrator, consider contacting FHWA.
  5. Try generating a report from the software you are having troubles with. If still having troubles with the software, report the bug to the Federal Highway Administration and please include what operating system is being used and which version of HY-8 you are installing.

Contacting FHWA

If still having trouble installing or running HY-8, or found a case that seems to provide an inconsistent or incorrect answer or plot, or have suggestions for new features, contact FHWA by sending an e-mail to CommentsonHY8@dot.gov.

Please include the '*.hy8' of the created project, include what operating system being used, which version and build date of the HY-8 version being used, and the steps needed to recreate the issue. The version and build date of HY-8 is available by going to HY-8's Help menu, then clicking on the About menu item.