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HY-8 automates culvert hydraulic computations creating a number of essential features that make culvert analysis and design easier.

HY-8 enables users to analyze:

  • The performance of culverts
  • Multiple culvert barrels at a single crossing as well as multiple crossings
  • Roadway overtopping at the crossing and
  • Develop report documentation in the form of performance tables, graphs, and key information regarding the input variables

New to HY-8 is the ability to define multiple crossings within a single project. A crossing is defined by 1 to 6 culverts, where each culvert may consist of multiple barrels. In previous versions this defined the entire project. However, with HY-8 any number of projects may be defined within the same project. The diagram below illustrates the hierarchy of a HY-8 project.

HY8image ProjectExplorer.jpg

Within a project new crossings can be created and then for each crossing up to six culverts can be defined.

The Microsoft Virtual Map Locator tool has been included within HY-8 so that a roadway map or aerial photograph can be displayed and culvert crossing locations mapped as shown below.

Roadmap downloaded from the Virtual Earth Map Locator

After defining the culvert properties, the analysis, including overtopping of the roadway, is completed and the performance output can be evaluated, graphed, and summarized in reports. A sample of the first output screen is shown below.

First output screen

This is the general work flow of a HY-8 project. The rest of this help file document provides more detailed information about data input, analysis, and reporting.