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Model Parameters tab of the ADH Model Control dialog

The ADH Model Control dialog contains the graphical prompts for specifying model options. The dialog is accessed through the ADH | Model Control... menu item.

The dialog is divided into several tabs which each contain a number of parameter options. Before running ADH, set and review model control parameters. Entered data will be used to write the files employed in the ADH model run.

The available tabs are:

  • Model Parameters – Set parameters for density effects, bendway correction, and wind stations.
  • Iterations – Specifies the level of precision for the conservation of mass and momentum.
  • Time – Specifies the simulation duration. By default, ADH uses transient conditions, but steady state simulations can be specified.
  • Output – Set parameters for how often solution data will be written.
  • Global Material Properties – Set parameters that apply to all materials.
  • Advanced (Cards) – Allows maintaining options which are not otherwise supported by the SMS interface.
  • Solver – Advanced options for developers.

See the individual articles for each of the ADH model control tabs.

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