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Boreholes Module
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The Borehole module of GMS can be used to visualize boreholes created from drilling logs or synthetic boreholes created manually and to construct three-dimensional cross sections between boreholes. These cross sections show the soil stratigraphy between two boreholes.

Borehole data can be imported or created in GMS. The borehole module contains its own set of tools and commands for manipulating borehole data as well as its own display options. Borehole data can be converted to other types of objects such as 2D scatter points, TINs, 3D meshes.

The module also allows using hydrogeologic units (HGUs) to be defined on boreholes.

The Borehole module can be added to a paid edition of GMS.

Types of Borehole Data

A borehole can contain either stratigraphy data or sample data or both.


Stratigraphy data are used to represent soil layers that are encountered in a soil boring. The soil layers are represented using contacts and segments as shown below. A segment represents a soil layer and a contact is the interface between two segments. GMS assumes no-flow bedrock below the bottom of each borehole when generating the stratigraphy.

Boreholes representing soil stratigraphy with contacts and segments

Sample Data

Sample data represent data obtained by continuous sampling along the length of the hole. Cone penetrometer data or down-hole geophysical data like permeability are examples of sample data. The figure below shows an example of sample data being displayed. Sample data are stored in datasets which can be displayed and manipulated in a similar fashion as other datasets in GMS. To display the sample data the display options for the borehole data can be modified such that the Sample data points and data plots are checked as visible while the borehole edges are hidden in the Display Options dialog.

Boreholes with sample data