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The following is a list of the more significant changes that will be introduced in GMS 10.5.

  1. MODFLOW 6 beta
  2. TVM package
  3. New SAMG
  4. Tile map services (TMS) can now be used for import or background image display
  5. Additional online map sources
  6. Faster display of large rasters
  7. User requests:
    • Invert Selection and Zoom To Selection commands in right-click menus
    • Improved speed of large raster display
    • Selection enhancements:
      • Left shift-click on nothing with something selected does not change what's selected
      • Right-click on nothing with something selected does not clear the selection and shows the selected items menu
  8. Improved snapping to existing objects when creating feature arcs
  9. New tutorials:
    • MODFLOW 6 Grid Approach
    • MODFLOW-USG Transport TVM Package