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The following is a start at a list of the more significant changes that will be introduced in GMS 8.2.

    • GMS 8.2 will support MODFLOW-NWT including the UPW and NWT packages.
  2. MODFLOW DE4 Package
  3. MODPATH changes in saving files
    • Automatically running MODPATH is now optional. GMS saves MODPATH files with the project, and reads in the pathline solutions when reading the project (instead of having to always recompute them).
    • A new Pathlines to Arcs command converts MODPATH pathlines to feature arcs
    • Although GMS has provided it's own zone budgeting tools for a long time, now it will include a user-friendly interface to run the USGS's own ZONEBUDGET program. A new tutorial is also provided on how to use this interface.
  5. Export 3D Grids as Shapefiles
    • A quick and easy way to get your 3D grid - including the current dataset and cell activity - into ArcMap (or any other software that can read shapefiles).
  6. CCF → Velocity vectors
    • GMS now computes velocity vectors from MODFLOW CCF data taking into account the porosity and saturated thickness.
  7. New tutorials
    • MODFLOW-NWT tutorial
    • ZONEBUDGET tutorial