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Input Crossing and Culvert data

The user may choose up to 99 barrels for each culvert that is defined by the same site conditions, shape configuration, culvert type, and "n", and/or up to 6 independent culverts. In both cases the culverts share the same headwater pool, tailwater pool or channel, and roadway characteristics. The input properties define the crossing and culvert. The data defining each culvert are entered in the input parameters widow. This window is accessed from the File menu, or by selecting Culvert Crossing Data from the Project Explorer culvert or crossing HY-8 CircularCrossingFolderIcon.png right-click menu, or selecting the Culvert Crossing Data CulverCrossingDataIcon.png icon from the toolbar. From the Culvert Crossing Data window, the site, culvert, tailwater, discharge, and roadway data are all entered.

Right-click culvert or crossing menu in the HY-8 Project Explorer.

Culvert Crossing Data Window

All of the parameters necessary to define crossing and culvert information can be defined from the Culvert/Crossing Data window as shown below.

Example of the Culvert/Crossing Data window.