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The Map module interface consists of the display options, menus, right-click menus, and tools associated with the Map module. The Map module interface is the default interface when SMS is first started.

Display Options

The display of map module features in the Graphics Window can be altered using the Display Options dialog. Standard viewing options (pan, frame, rotate) are also available. For more information, see: Map Module Display Options.


The map module makes use of the standard menus: File, Edit, Display, Web, Window, and Help.

In addition to the standard menus, the Map module has the Feature Objects menu as well as right-click menus. See the following articles for more information:


In addition to the standard tools, the Map module has a number of tools used for creating and modifying feature objects in the Graphics Window. Some tools contain right-click menus when clicking in the Graphics Window. For more information, see: Map Module Tools.

Project Explorer Items

In the Project Explorer, the Map module displays the available coverages Coverage Active Icon.svg and allows the coverages to be organized in folders Generic Folder.svg. Right-click menus are available for both coverage items and folders. See Project Explorer for more information.

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