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The Web menu is one of the standard menus available regardless of the current module and model. The menu primarily provides ways to import data into SMS from online databases.

The Web menu includes the following commands:

Import from Web...
Opens the web services utility which allows for the automated download and import of certain data types from the internet.
Add Online Maps ...
Brings up the Get Online Maps dialogue allowing selection of various online data. See Get Online Maps article for details.
Find Data
This sub-menu includes options to open to the Geo-Spatial Data Acquisition page on the XMS wiki. Each wiki article provides links to online databases where uses can find and download data.
Brings up the GSDA Imagery article.
Opens the article section GSDA Bathymetric Digital Elevation.
Brings up the GSDA Oceanic Data article.
Opens the article section GSDA Tidal Data.
Opens the article section GSDA Current Data.
Opens the article section GSDA Wave Data.

Obsolete Commands

The following commands are no longer included in current versions of SMS.

Tidal Data
NOAA Hourly Verified...
NOAA 6-Minute Raw...

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