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The following are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Arc Hydro Groundwater (AHGW).


How do I install AHGW?

See the detailed instructions at AHGW:Set Up.

Special Instructions for Updating

If you are about to update your ArcGIS and AHGW software, you will want to first do the following in this order:

  1. Check that your AHGW maintenance license and drivers are current
  2. Uninstall AHGW
  3. Uninstall the old version of ArcGIS
  4. Install the new version ArcGIS
  5. Download and install the newer version of AHGW compatible with the updated version of ArcGIS
  6. Contact support@aquaveo.com if you have issues getting the newer AHGW version to run with your updated ArcGIS

How do I register AHGW?

See the detailed instructions at AHGW:Registering AHGW.

Which version of AHGW do I need?

Each AHGW Toolbox is created for a specific version of ArcGIS. If you try to use a version of the AHGW Toolbox not designed for the version of ArcGIS you're using, it will not work. The best course is to determine which version of ArcGIS you have, then download the appropriate version of the AHGW Toolbox.

You can see the current list of available versions on our AHGW Downloads page.


How do I convert existing 2D cross sections to 3D with Subsurface Analyst?

See the instructions at AHGW:Converting 2D Cross Sections to 3D Using Subsurface Analyst.

What if I run the Create BoreLines tool to create 3D bore lines but no bore lines are created?

You may need to create a new feature dataset with Z values below zero by using the Create Feature Dataset tool in ArcGIS. A basic workflow can be found at AHGW:Troubleshooting 3D Bore Lines.

Other Questions

Is AHGW available as a stand-alone application?

Currently, AHGW is only available as an extension/toolbox for ArcGIS.

When will AHGW be compatible with ArcPro?

We do not yet have a hard release date.

Error Codes

If you attempt to do something unexpected, AHGW will sometimes produce an error code. Here is a list of common error codes and what do do about them:

  • "ERROR 000816: The tool is not valid." – Select Geoprocessing | Geoprocessing Options... and turn off Enable in the Background Processing section.
  • "WARNING 001102: You must have at least the ArcEditor License to run this tool with the specified data." – This error may come up when running some of the tools in AHGW. If using ArcGIS 10.5, be sure to upgrade to 10.5.1. Otherwise, contact ESRI for assistance.