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Many commands in GMS can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts.

Standard Menu Shortcuts

Shortcuts for standard menu commands are listed in the table below.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Modifier Key Command
CTRL F Display | Frame Image
CTRL R Display | Refresh
CTRL D Display | Display Options
CTRL H Display | Hide
CTRL W Display | Show
DELETE Edit | Delete
CTRL C Edit | Screen Capture
CTRL V Edit | Paste Text
CTRL A Edit | Select All
CTRL U Edit | Unselect All
CTRL O File | Open
CTRL P File | Print
CTRL S File | Save Project
SHIFT A Display | View | View Angle
SHIFT W Display | View | Window Bounds
SHIFT F Display | View | Front
SHIFT O Display | View | Oblique
SHIFT P Display | View | Plan
SHIFT V Display | View | Previous
SHIFT S Display | View | Side
F2 Rename (when in the Project Explorer)
F2 Pan (when in the Graphics Window)
F3 Zoom (Click and drag to zoom)
F4 Rotate