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MT3DMS is divided into a series of components called "packages." Each package performs a specific task. Some of the packages are always required for a simulation, and some are optional. The input for each package is contained in a separate text file. The MT3DMS packages supported in the GMS interface are listed in the following table:

Package Name Abbrev. Decription Always Req'd?
Basic Transport Package BTN Handles basic tasks that are required by the entire transport model. Among these tasks are definition of the problem, specification of the boundary and initial conditions, determination of the step size, preparation of mass balance information, and printout of the simulation results. YES
Advection ADV Solves the concentration change due to advection with one of the three mixed Eulerian-Langrangian schemes included in the package: MOC, MMOC, or HMOC NO
Dispersion DSP Solves the concentration change due to dispersion with the explicit finite difference method. NO
Sink & Source Mixing SSM Solves the concentration change due to fluid sink/source mixing with the explicit finite difference method. Sink/source terms may include wells, drains, rivers, recharge, and evapotranspiration. The constant-head boundary and general-head-dependent boundary are also handled as sink/source terms in the transport model. NO
Chemical Reactions RCT Solves the concentration change due to chemical reactions. Currently, the chemical reactions include linear or nonlinear sorption isotherms and first-order irreversible rate reactions (radioactive decay or biodegradation). NO
Generalized Conjugate Gradient Solver GCG This package can be used to implicitly solve the dispersion, source/sink, and reaction terms of the transport equation. NO
Transport Observation TOB Outputs concentration at observation points and mass fluxes at groups of source/sink boundary conditions. NO
PHT3D-PHREEQC Interface PHC Used by PHT3D to define options for species related to PHREEQC geochemical reactions. NO
Examples of MT3DMS package dialogs
The MT3DMS Advection Package dialog.
The MT3DMS Dispersion Package dialog.