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Notes can be added to most objects or to the project itself to aid in model development. For example, a model developer might add a note to a dataset used to interpolate elevations to describe the real world source of the data. Typical notes might describe what an object is, where it came from, or why the developer did something a particular way.

Automatic Notes

GMS will create some notes automatically if the Create GMS notes automatically option is turned on in the General tab of the Preferences dialog.

GMS creates automatic notes for the following items when Create GMS notes automatically is turned on:

Automatic note gets attached to Automatic note gets created when
UGrids The UGrid is created
Some datasets created in GMS Datasets are created using the Data Calculator or through interpolation
Some coverages created in GMS Coverages get created from certain other objects (e.g. CAD objects). Does not apply to merging coverages or creating coverages from shapefiles and cross sections.

Object Notes

Notes for objects, including for the entire project are accessed via a tab on the Properties dialog. Access the Properties dialog by right-clicking on an item in the Project Explorer and selecting Properties. To find the Properties dialog for the entire project, right-click on Project in the Project Explorer and select Properties.

Notes tab in a Properties dialog.

Notes are given a time stamp when they are created and the notes can be sorted by time in ascending or descending order. Add notes by clicking the Add row Add Note Icon.svg button. Remove notes by selecting the note and clicking the Delete GMS Delete Icon.svg button.

The dialog has options for showing all notes, only GMS created notes, or only user created notes.

All Notes

All notes for all objects can be viewed via the Edit | Notes command. In this dialog, notes cannot be created, but they can be deleted. Remove notes by selecting the checkbox to the left of the note and clicking the Delete GMS Delete Icon.svg button.

All notes dialog