GMS:What's New in GMS 9.2

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The following is a list of the more significant changes that will be introduced in GMS 9.2.

  • MODFLOW-LGR Support
  • MT3D improvements
    • MT3D menus and dialogs rename to reflect MT3D, RT3D, SEAM3D or PHT3D
    • MT3D starting concentrations much easier to enter in new spreadsheet in Basic Package dialog
  • FEFLOW import/export
  • MODFLOW improvements
    • Streamflow Out data shown in a table via command on CCF file
    • Starting heads can be set to always match the grid top elevations for convenience
    • ISTCB1 option added in both MODFLOW STR and SFR2 packages
    • Partial support for MODFLOW-USG on structured 3D grids. You cannot create any sort of unstructured grid yet (nested grids, quad-tree, voronoi etc) but you can run MODFLOW-USG on a regular, structured grid. Unstructured grid creation is coming soon.
  • Projection improvements
  • Display projection can define units even if there is no projection defined
    • New objects are assigned the display projection if one exists
    • Vertical projection saved to .prj files and restored
  • Miscellaneous
    • Update to PEST 12.3
    • "Don't Register" button on Welcome dialog
    • Ability to add points to a TIN without wiping out all datasets
    • Properties for the Project item in the Project Explorer
    • 3D grid cell selection: can now select range of cells by holding the shift key
    • Changing scatter point activity now asks what to do with transient datasets
    • Wider database fields allowed when exporting shapefiles
    • More options for exporting 3D grids to shapefiles with multiple datasets.
    • Nodes no longer displayed at 2D mesh quad element centroids.
    • DGN (Microstation) cad file import (via convert to temp DWG file). Results vary.
    • Pathlines can be exported even if there are no capture zones defined.