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The Calculators menu contains several utility functions that assist in developing hydrologic modeling input parameters, and perform design and analysis of channel hydraulics, detention basins, and culverts once a hydrologic model has been developed. The following commands are available in the Calculator menu:

Compute GIS Attributes
Opens the Compute GIS Attributes dialog which allows computations from standard GIS formatted files.
Compute Coverage Overlay
Opens the Coverage Overlay dialog.
Compute Travel Times
Opens the Compute Travel Times dialog. WMS provides two methods (basin data equations and travel time equation) of computing travel times for lag time and time of concentration from the geometric data being used for basin delineation and parameter estimation.
Hydraulic Toolbox Units
A submenu that allows changing the hydraulic units. It has two commands: U.S. Customary Units and SI Units (Metric).
Opens the Chanel Calculations dialog. Beginning in version 9.1, WMS uses the Hydraulic Toolbox to perform the channel calculations. It is useful to be able to analyze the conveyance and other properties of channels using Manning’s equation.
Head or flow over a weir can be determined using the Weir Analysis dialog.
Curb & Gutters
Opens the Curb and Gutter Analysis dialog to examine flow across storm drain inlets for a variety of curb and gutter openings.
Detention Basins
The effects of a detention basin on an inflow hydrograph can be analyzed and an output hydrograph created in WMS using the Detention Basin calculator. This same calculator is also used in to define detention basin parameter input for HEC-1, the Rational Method and other hydrologic models as part of an overall analysis for a planned development.
HY-8 Culvert Analysis
A web-based program with a variety of calculators that can be used with WMS.

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