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When the active module is changed, the tools in the Dynamic Tool Palette change to the set of tools associated with the selected module. Each module has a separate set of tools.

Selection Tools

Many of the module-specific tools in the dynamic portion of the Tool Palette are selection tools (tools used to select objects such as triangles or vertices). For many commands it is necessary to first select some objects before issuing the command. For example, to delete a set of triangles in the Terrain Data module, the Select Triangles tool is chosen, the set of triangles to be deleted are selected and the Delete command is selected from the Edit menu.

Most of the selection tools follow a standard selection protocol. Single items can be selected by clicking on the item. With this method, only one item can be selected at a time. When a new item is selected, any other currently selected items are deselected.

In many cases, multiple items need to be selected. If the Shift key is held down while clicking on individual items, the items are added to the set of selected items. A previously selected item can be deselected by holding down the Shift key and clicking on it again. This removes the item from the set of selected items without affecting other selected items. Multiple objects can also be selected by dragging a box around the items to be selected, or by choosing the Select All or Select With Polygon commands from the Edit menu.

Clear the selection list at any time by clicking on a portion of the graphics window where no objects exist. This effectively clears the selection list because whatever is currently selected becomes deselected, and since having clicked in a location where no objects exist, nothing is placed in the selection list.

Module Tool Palettes

Each set of tools within a dynamic tool palette corresponds to a module, or data objects within a module. For example the tools used to create, edit, and select TIN data are different from those used for feature objects or DEMs. Click on each palette image to get a further description of the tools in that palette.

WMS TerrainIcon.svg Terrain Data Module Drainage Module Icon.svg Drainage Module
WMS DynamicToolsQuick.png WMSIcon Drainage Palette.png
Map Module Icon.svg Map Module Hydrologic Module Icon.svg Hydrologic Modeling Module
WMSIcon Map Palette.png WMSIcon Hydrologic Modeling Palette.png
Hydraulic Module Icon.svg Hydraulic Modeling Module GIS Module Icon.svg GIS Module
Dynamic Tools toolbar - Hydraulic Modeling in WMS.png WMSIcon GIS Palette.png
2D Grid Icon.svg 2D Grid Module 2D Scatter Icon.svg 2D Scatter Module
WMSIcon 2D Grid Palette.png WMSIcon 2D Scatter Point Palette.png

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