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Standard Windows Macros such as New New Macro.svg, Open Open Macro.svg, Save Save Macro.svg, and Print Print Icon.svg appear at the top left of the WMS screen directly under the menus.

WMSIcon Macros1.png

Many of the more frequently used menu commands can be accessed through the macro buttons to the right of the standard windows macros.

WMSIcon Macros2.png

These commands include from left to right above:

  • Perspective View Oblique View Macro.svg – Draw all data in a 3-dimensional oblique view. Selecting the Display | View | Oblique View command, or the Prespective View macro, restores the bearing and dip angles to their previously defined values and causes the image to be viewed from an oblique perspective. The Rotate Rotate Tool.svg tool can be used to alter the angle of view.
  • Plan View WMS PlanViewMacroIcon.svg – Draw all data in plan view (looking down from above). Selecting the Display | View | Plan View menu command, or the Plan View WMS PlanViewMacroIcon.svg macro, changes the viewing angles so that the image is displayed such as to look down at the z-axis with the x-axis horizontal and the y-axis vertical.
  • Frame WMSIcon Frame.png – Center and redraw all data in the graphics window. After altering the image display using the Zoom or Pan tools, the image can be centered by selecting the Frame Image command in the View menu. This command adjusts the window boundaries so that all currently visible objects just fit in the Graphics Window. It does not affect the viewing angle.
  • Display Options Display Options Macro.svg – Set the display options. See the article Display Options for more information.
  • Contour Options Contour Options Macro.svg – Set the contour display options. See the article Contour Options for more information.
  • Properties GMS Properties Macro.svg – Accesses the Dataset Info dialog
  • Refresh Refresh Macro.svg – Redraw everything in the graphics window. When editing the image in the Graphics Window it occasionally becomes necessary to update the display or refresh the screen by redrawing the image. Whenever possible, WMS automatically updates the display. However, in several cases small parts may be obscured by editing procedures, and the display will need to be refreshed by selecting the Refresh command from the Display menu.
Note: The process of redrawing can be aborted in many cases by pressing the ESC key.
  • Help WMS HelpIcon.svg – Accesses WMS Help
  • Delete Delete Macro Icon.svg – Delete selected objects (must have something selected). The Delete command is used to delete any selected objects. This command is also equivalent to hitting the DELETE or BACKSPACE keys.

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