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GMS provides two options for adding GIS data: Add Shapefile Data and Add Data. The first option can be used without a license of ArcView®. The second option is only available with an ArcView® License.

GIS data cannot be imported using the Open command unlike most other data types in GMS.

Add Shapefile Data

The Data | Add Shapefile Data command allows opening shapefiles as GIS layers in GMS. The command brings up the Select Shapefile dialog which functions the same as the Open dialog. Without a license of ArcView on the computer then shapefiles are the only supported format for GIS layers. With a valid license of ArcView the Data | Add Data command is available and any of the ESRI supported formats can be opened as GIS data layers.

Add Data

The Data | Add Data command is available when ArcObjects® is enabled and uses the same dialog resource to open GIS data layers that is used by ArcView®.

Select Data dialog

When ArcObjects® is enabled, GMS is able to load any of the ESRI supported formats, including shapefiles, coverages, geodatabases, grids, images, CAD files and others, as GIS data layers. These data can then be converted to GMS feature objects in map coverages. See ArcGIS documentation for details on how to use this dialog.