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GIS vector data can be converted to feature objects (points, arcs, polygons in coverages) for use in a conceptual model. Attributes associated with the GIS data can also be mapped over to attributes associated with Feature Objects. Two commands are available for converting GIS vector data to feature objects: GIS | ArcObjects → Feature Objects (with an ArcObjects license) and GIS | Shapes → Feature Objects. Selecting either of these commands will bring up GIS to Feature Objects wizard.

Before starting the wizard, make sure to set the appropriate coverage as the active coverage since the wizard will convert the GIS data to new Feature Objects in the active coverage. Also, if mapping over attributes, make sure the GMS coverage attributes are defined before doing the conversion.

If the user only wishes to convert a portion of the GIS vector data to feature objects then select the desired GIS data before beginning the wizard. If the user wishes to map all the features, begin the wizard and it will ask if the user wants to convert all features since none are selected.

Follow the instructions in the mapping wizard to convert the GIS data to feature objects.

GIS to Feature Objects Wizard dialog showing the first step in the conversion process.