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A grid frame is an outline showing where a grid will be created. The grid frame can be used to create a grid at a particular location, size and orientation. The Feature Objects | New Grid Frame command is used to create the grid frame. When the Map → 3D Grid command is selected, the grid will be created using the grid frame.

Grid Frame Properties

The Grid Frame Select Grid Frame Tool.svg tool can be used to move, size and rotate the grid frame. Double-clicking on the grid frame will bring up the Grid Frame Properties dialog which can also be used to move, size and rotate the grid frame. The dialog is also reachable by right-clicking on the grid frame object in the Project Explorer and selecting Properties.

The GMS Grid Frame Properties dialog
The dialog has the following options:
  • Origin x, y, and z – Shows the starting location of the grid frame. This is typically in the lower left corner of the grid frame. Edit the fields to move the origin.
  • Dimension x, y, and z – Shows the height, width, and depth of the grid frame. Can be edited.
  • Rotation angle – Changes the angle of the grid frame by rotating from the original point.
  • Display – Can be clicked on to bring up a Line Properties dialog. The color and width of the line can be changed.
  • Fit to Active Coverage – Changes the dimension and origin of the grid frame so that all feature objects in the active map coverage fit within the grid frame.

Displaying the Grid Frame

The display of the grid frame can be turned on or off by checking (unchecking) the toggle next to the Grid Frame Icon.svg grid frame in the Project Explorer or by using the Grid Frame option in the Feature Objects Display Options dialog.