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The following tools are contained in the Dynamic Tools portion of the tool palette when the Cartesian Grid module is active. Tools specific to a model interface are described with the corresponding model. Only one tool is active at any given time. The action that takes place when clicking in the Graphics Window depends on the current tool. The following table describes the tools in the Cartesian Grid module tool palette. Depending on the current model, and the type of grids it supports, some of these tools may not be available.

Tool Tool Name Description Right-Click Menu
SMS Select Cell Cell Tool.svg

SMS Select Cell Mesh Tool.svg

Select Cell The Select Cell tool is used to select a grid cell. A single cell is selected by clicking on it. A second cell can be added to the selection list by holding the SHIFT key while selecting it. Multiple cells can be selected at once by dragging a box around them. A selected cell can be de-selected by holding the SHIFT key as it is clicked.

When a single cell is selected, its Z coordinate is shown in the Edit Window. The Z coordinates can be changed by typing in the edit field, which updates the depth function. If multiple cells are selected, the Z Coordinate field in the Edit Window shows the average depth of all selected cells. If this value is changed, the new value will be assigned to all selected points.

With one cell selected, the Edit Window shows the point i,j location. With multiple cells selected, the Edit Window shows the number of selected cells. The number and size of the cells can be changed in the Model Control.

  • Interpolate Bathymetry... – Requires one or more Cartesian grid cells to be selected, and to have a scatter set in the project, This option brings up the Interpolation dialog where the desired source scatter dataset can be selected. When OK is clicked, SMS will interpolate the selected cell(s)' elevations based on the chosen scatter dataset.
  • Cells to Active Coverage – Converts the selected cells into polygons on the current active coverage.

SMS Select Row Cell Tool.svg

SMS Select Row Mesh Tool.svg

Select Row The Select Row tool is used to select cell rows. Rows are selected in the same manner as selecting individual cells. N/A
SMS Select Column Cell Tool.svg

SMS Select Column Mesh Tool.svg

Select Column The Select Column tool is used to select cell columns. Columns are selected in the same manner as selecting individual cells. N/A
SMS Split Grid Column Tool.svg Split Grid Column Inserts a new column into an existing grid. This tool splits an existing column into two columns at the selected location selected. N/A
SMS Split Grid Row Tool.svg Split Grid Row Inserts a new row into an existing grid. This tool splits an existing row into two rows at the selected location. N/A
SMS Drag Column Tool.svg Drag Column Boundary Edit column boundary. This tool makes one column narrower while making its neighbor wider. N/A
SMS Drag Row Tool.svg Drag Row Boundary Edit row boundary. This tool makes one row taller while making its neighbor shorter. N/A
SMS Select Cell String Cell Tool.svg

SMS Select Cell String Mesh Tool.svg

Select Cell String Select a “Cell String”. Allows assignment of boundary conditions. N/A
SMS Create Cell String Cell Tool.svg

SMS Create Cell String Mesh Tool.svg

Create Cell String Create a “Cell String”. This tools defines a string of cells for later assignment of boundary conditions or flux observations. N/A
Create Cartesian Grid Tool.svg Create Cartesian Grid Used to manually create a grid frame to generate a new 2D grid. Select this tool then click out a grid frame in the Graphic Window. The Map → 2D Grid dialog will appear where the grid dimensions and options can be edited. The grid will not associated to a particular model like a grid generated from a CGrid Generator coverage. N/A
Add Contour Labels Tool.svg Label Contours Used to manually create a contour label using the mouse. To add a label, click on the point where the label should be created. The label will remain on the screen until either it is manually removed or the automatic contour label options are changed. To manually remove a contour label, hold the SHIFT key and clicking on it. There are also available automatic contour label options. N/A

Interactive options

  • Move Frame – Click inside or on an edge where the frame is not highlighted and drag.
  • Resize Frame – Click a highlighted corner or edge and drag to resize.
  • Rotate Frame – Click inside the circle near the bottom right corner of the frame and drag to rotate the frame.
  • Refresh Macro.svg – Redraw the screen.
  • Frame Macro.svg – Zoom to the extents of the data in the screen.

While graphically manipulating the grid frame, the current values of origin, orientation and/or size are displayed at the bottom of the graphics window.

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