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The Macro Toolbars contain buttons to perform frequently used menu commands. All macros are shortcuts for menu commands. Which macro toolbars appear at startup is set in the Preferences dialog. The macro toolbars include:

File Toolbar

File Toolbar.png
  • Open Macro.svg Open – Brings up the Open dialog. See Open.
  • Save Macro.svg Save Project – Saves changes to the SMS project file. See Save Project.
  • Print Icon.svg Print – Opens the Print dialog. See Print.
  • Delete Macro Icon.svg Delete – Delete the selected items. If none are selected, delete all items.

Display Toolbar

Display Toolbar.png
  • Refresh Macro.svg Refresh – Forces the display to update. See Refresh.
  • Frame Macro.svg Frame – Centers displayed data. See Frame.
  • Display Options Macro.svg Display Options – Opens the Display Options dialog. See Display Options.
  • SMS Plan View Macro.svg Plan View – Change the view in the Graphics Window to plan view.

Optional Macros Toolbar

Optional Macros Toolbar.png
  • Lighting Options Macro.svg Lighting Options – Opens the Lighting tab of the Display Options dialog. See Lighting Options.
  • Contour Options Macro.svg Contour Options – Opens the Contours tab of the Display Options dialog. See Contour Options.
  • Vector Options Icon.svg Vector Options – Opens the Vectors tab of the Display Options dialog. See Vector Options.
  • GMS Properties Macro.svg Get Module Info – Opens the Information dialog. See Object Info.
  • Plot Wizard Macro.svg Plot Wizard – Starts the Plot Wizard. See Plot Wizard.
  • DynamicImagery.svg Dynamic Imagery – Opens the Get Online Maps dialog. See Get Online Maps.
  • Toolbox macro.png Toolbox – Opens the Toolbox dialog. See Toolbox.

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